Classic Rug Collection Inc. is located at the D&D Building, the epicenter for design in New York City. Owner Barbara Barran designs one-of-a-kind rugs of the finest natural fibers: 300 knot silk, pashmina, mohair. She creates collections to showcase her capabilities; Barbara then picks up her pencil and brings to life unique designs for each of her clients.  
Classic Rug Collection is a proud member of GoodWeave, an organization working in Nepal and India that certifies child labor free rugs.


 Rugs can make your room warmer in the literal sense, but a warm-toned rug can also make your space appear larger.


  Weaves and knots add texture and movement to a room. Layering two rugs adds richness to an environment and is an easy way to refresh a look.


Let the rug talk: a graphic rug infuses personality into a room. For a more traditional look, add a touch of history to your home with a medallion rug.


Area rugs are ideal for dividing rooms into more defined areas of activity. In smaller spaces like a foyer, a rug can be used as a focal point.


Use rugs to balance the room. A bright rug offsets a neutral room, while light rugs can calm an otherwise dark environment.